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    Image from Willamette University  Library website
    Edible Book Festival

    April 24, 2015


     What is an edible book festival?

    An edible book festival is a celebration of food and literature where contestants use edible items to create realistic portrayals of works of literature or characters, puns on a title, or a replica of a book. 


    • Best in Show
    • Most Realistic Book Representation
    • Best Scene Depiction
    • Best Title Depiction
    • Most Creative Use of Ingredients
    • Punniest


    • Entries are to be made of edible substances that can sit out for several hours without turning bad
    • Be conscientious of safe food handling
    • All entries must be made in the shape of a book or inspired by the content, title, characters, etc of a work of literature
    • Entries must be dropped off in the library at the beginning of the day on April 24th
    • Online entry forms must be filled out and submitted prior to the beginning of school on April 24th (forms may be submitted anytime prior to April 24th)
    • All members of the high school community are invited to participate
    • Participants may enter individually or in groups of no more than three (3)
    • Participants may have up to two (2) entries in the competition
    • All entries must be picked up by the end of the competition day from the library or they will be thrown away
    • Refrigeration is not available
    • Any entry that is deemed unsuitable for competition may be rejected - Keep it school appropriate!
    • Bring a copy of the book that inspired your project to display with the entry


    • Judging will be done by a panel of teachers and administrators


      • Prizes will be awarded for each category


      • Participants are encouraged to pre-register, but entries will be accepted before the start of school on the day of the event (use digital form below).
      • Entry fee is $5 and will go toward prizes.  Any leftover funds will go toward new resources for the library.

      Twilight Cover  

      Image from Crystal Watanabe on Flickr,"Twilight Spam Musubi"

      Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes
      Image From Baraboo Library Website

      Sites for ideas of past competitions from around the world (Google "edible book festival" for more sites)