Volunteer Clearances

    Legislation in Pennsylvania requires community members and parents to obtain clearances in order to volunteer in our schools.  If you have previously submitted your clearances to the Human Resources office, they are good for five (5) years from the date of the clearance.

    Governor Wolf has waived the fees associated with the Pennsylvania State Police—Criminal Background Check and the Child Abuse History Clearance.  Since the FBI clearance is a federal program, those costs still remain; however, the district has decided to permit individuals who have resided in Pennsylvania continuously for ten years or more to sign a certification form that saves the volunteer the expense of the fee, ensures compliance with the law, and allows the district to maximize student safety.

    Understanding that many community members will want to begin the process of securing clearances so that they are prepared for the start of the school year, we have provided several links and directions to assist you.  Once you have obtained the requisite clearances, please bring them to the Human Resources office in the Garnet Valley Education Center at 80 Station Road.  Please be prepared to present a valid driver’s license or other photo identification. Our Human Resources Department will then add your name to the district list so that our educators can readily ensure that volunteers have the proper clearances.

    Directions for Obtaining Clearances:
    For Volunteers Who Have Resided in Pennsylvania Continuously for 10 Years or More

    For Volunteers Who Have NOT Resided in Pennsylvania Continuously for 10 Years or More

    • Complete ACT 34—Pennsylvania State Police—Request for Criminal Record Check at https://epatch.state.pa.us/
    • Complete ACT 151—Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance—Online Application at https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS
    • Complete ACT 114—FBI—Fingerprinting at https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index.htm Be certain to register under Pennsylvania Department of Education.
    • Drop off paperwork at the Garnet Valley Education Center.  Please be prepared to present a valid driver’s license or other photo identification.
    Who Needs Clearances:
    If you are unsure if your visits to our schools require clearances, the table below details the many activities, programs, and events for which the district utilizes volunteers requiring clearances.  This document lists a number of activities but is not totally inclusive.  If you have specific questions, please contact your child’s building principal.
    Listing of Activities, Programs, and Events that Utilize Volunteers Requiring Clearances

    Elementary Level

    Secondary Level

    • School Pictures
    • Funtime Activities
    • Homeroom Parents
    • Classroom Party Volunteers
    • Library Volunteers
    • Transition Camps
    • Parent volunteers during grandparent days
    • Holiday Shop
    • Martin Luther King week of service
    • 5th grade Math Night
    • Book Fair
    • Field day
    • Second grade sendoff
    • Fifth grade send off
    • Bus volunteers during first week of school
    • School play volunteers
    • PSSA volunteers
    • Mileage Club
    • Field trips
    • Muffins in May
    • School Store
    • Alex’s Lemonade Stand
    • Yearbook class photographers
    • Popcorn Friday’s
    • All classroom volunteers
    • Maris Grove Volunteers
    • Trunk or Treat
    • Bethel Nature Trail


    • Mini THon
    • Post Prom
    • Post Prom Showcase
    • Dances at the Middle School
    • Field Trips
    • Picture Day
    • Homecoming Floats
    • 6th Grade Fall Activities
    • Midnight Madness
    • 7 & 8 grade Spring Activity
    • Musicals Fall and Spring
    • Band Competitions
    • Middle School Drama
    • Library volunteers at Middle School
    • Field Day at the Middle School
    • PSSA testing and Keystones at Middle School
    • ESY
    ** This document lists a number of activities but is not totally inclusive.  If you have specific questions about an activity, program or event, please contact your child’s building principal.
    **Booster activities may be impacted.  For specific details, please contact the following individuals:
    • Athletics—Seth Brunner
    • Musical and Drama—Heather Arters
    • Marching Band—Stephen Selfridge
    The support of our school community is one of the district’s greatest assets, and it is our hope that despite the complexities of this legislation that we will continue to benefit from the talents of our volunteers.