• Management of Systems (M.O.S.)


    Goal 1 - Maximize the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Operations 

                  Ranked Measures (Key Indicators)

    Develop and implement cost reduction initiatives

    Increase the quality of service vs. benchmarks

    Lower the relative district operating costs compared to county,

       regional, state, national, business, or academic benchmarks:

    Effective cost per student vs. neighboring districts

    Effective property tax rate vs. neighboring districts


    Goal 2 - Enhance Stakeholder Satisfaction and Involvement

    (Satisfaction = accountability and communication)

    Ranked Measures (Key Indicators)

    Enhance the content, diversity, communication and frequency of

       performance reports

    Enhance the content, diversity and communication of annual reports

    Obtain external accountability & communication recognition  

        awards as measure of excellence

    Improve the response time to taxpayer or parent complaints

    Reduce taxpayer or parent complaint correspondence

    Increase participation by the school board with community groups

    Develop and implement more extensive, informative, surveys

    (formal or informal)

    Increase the number of stakeholders involved in district committees,

       activities, and as volunteers


    Goal 3 - Provide for Long-Term Financial Stability           

    Ranked Measures (Key Indicators)

    Maintain long-term facility and equipment replacement and

    expansion plans

    Improve non-property tax resources per student

    Improve fund balance and budgetary reserves

                Improve the districts bond credit rating and borrowing capacity