SAP works!
    Student Assistance in Pennsylvania has been serving students and families for over 30 years. SAP works!  The Student Assistance Program is required in all PA schools but  parent/caregiver consent and involvement is needed to provide SAP services.  SAP services are used to remove barriers to school success. These barriers can include mental health concerns, ongoing bully/victim issues, trauma, loss, and drug and/or alcohol concerns.
    Garnet Valley SAP services include mentoring, in school support groups, and referrals to community resources. There are SAP teams in all Garnet Valley buildings. These teams are composed of caring people who represent different disciplines in each school.  
    • SAP is confidential
    • SAP does not replace current supports
    • SAP is not an emergency service 
    • Garnet Valley SAP can provide services K-12
    Click below to read about the SAP team members in your school.
     For help,  you can contact the principals, guidance staff, and teachers at your school. You can also call Carolyn Falcone, SAP Coordinator  @ 610-579-7830 and falconc@garnetvalley.org