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    REACH 211 is now known as
    Garnet Valley CTC
    Communities That Care

    GV CTC Vision Statement

    The Garnet Valley CTC engages its community and schools in a partnership to support, educate, parent and prepare our children to grow into healthy adults.

    GV CTC Mission Statement

    The GV CTC is a vital, collaborative effort that makes a difference in the lives of our children as they confront the challanges, risks, and pressures of growing up.

    Caring adults are the driving force behind GV CTC's success. Ongoing recruitment of parents and and new partners will grow the organization and enhance our level of impact.

    Data are used to make decisions, measure progress, and communicate transparently. GV CTC employs a convincing, coherent strategy that aligns with Garnet Valley School District efforts to effectively support K-12 families.

    GV CTC takes a systemic approach to:

    • support children in a multi-layered manner ( across all grades and at varying levels of need)

    • educate adults on the new realities of parenting

    • foster open dialogue between community members

    • promote the best possible environment for our children

    The coalition provides families with new tools, eye-opening information, and confidential access to local providers of services.



Garnet Valley CTC Announcements

  •  Please find the New Realities of Parenting II ppt below:
    Please send in your family donation for the 2017-2018 school year. We appreciate your support!
    YOU can now donate through My School Bucks! Thanks in advance for our support!
    1. Log into MySchoolBucks
    2. Select "School Store" and "Browse All Items"
    3. Click on "GVCTC Donations"
    4. Enter the requested information
    5.Click " Add to Basket"
    6. Go to Checkout and "Place Order" 

How to Get Involved

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GV CTC Quick Tips to prevent Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug abuse