• The District Advisory Council (DAC) is a committee comprised of parent and community volunteers that serve cooperatively with, but independent of the School Board. The purpose of the DAC is to promote communication, understanding and mutual support among the School Board of Directors, administration, faculty, student body, parents and citizens at large. 

    The DAC works in conjunction with the Building Advisory Councils (BAC) from each school. These councils were formed to assist with communication and identify school-related issues, ultimately developing solutions that are workable to all those concerned. 

    paw  Issues should be initially raised at the BAC meetings at every school. (Please see your school’s website for applicable BAC meeting dates/times.) 

    paw  In the event an issue cannot be resolved at the building level, BAC members would then present and discuss the issue at the next DAC meeting with the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Marc Bertrando. 

    paw  If necessary, the issue will then be referred to the School Board. (Regular updates are provided to the School Board as well.)


    We kindly ask for your open communication throughout this upcoming school to help make this process and our district a huge success.

    Dawn M. Gillespie

    DAC Chairperson